Geek Knights™ About Us

Welcome to the Worlds 1st Geek Knights Gaming Community.
A Magical Community for Gamers like no other: Including…
• The Geek Knights Social App:  Connecting games with other gamers with similar interests.
• The Streaming Series: 8 Episodes per Series
• The Streaming Full Documentary & Mini Documentaries
• The Merch Store: Around the world
• News & Annual Events Headquartered in the Rocky Mountains

Geek Knights App (Future)

Within the community, you become a part of the ongoing activities by Joining the “Geek Knights Social App”  to meet gamers around the world with the same interests to connect in a fun, safe environment. This App has (2) profiles for each gamer to set up and use to meet new gamers.

Profile types

• #1 Your Profile (Wall) - This is the “Real You” Profile to gamers who want to share campagn stories, schedule gaming sessings, etc.
• #2 Your Character Profile (Character Profile) - This is your Fantasy Metaverse Character for other gamers to discover and find a character match, to play in local or online gaming sessions.

Streaming Series: (Future)

Watch: Streaming Series (8 episodes per series annually), Full Documentary (life of tabletop gamers and how its changed your life) and Mini Documentaries (life of cast members who play within the Series).

Audition: (Future)

Get a chance to click the “Audition Link” where you can cast your story about your character video and audition to be selected and become a part of a future episode within the series.

Merch: (Future)

There will also be a “Merch Link” where gamers can buy Geek Knights Merchandise provided by gamers around the world.

News and Events: (Future)

A “News & Events Links” for upcoming News for Gamers and the Geek Knights Medieval Annual Roundtable Events to unveil future upcoming series where you’ll be able to meet & mingle with new cast members, headquartered high in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. Great Medieval Fun for sure.
Come support and Join the Movement and be apart of the Worlds 1st Geek Knights Gaming Series Community.
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