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The Geek Knights Series will consist of 8 episodes per season. Each episode will be 22 to 55 minutes in length with an estimated cost of $400k per episode, making a total season budget of $3.2 Million. Campaign members may or may not stay. Audience and gamers will quickly realize... "The dice will decide: Life or Death."

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Join our Geek Knights Gaming Series Movement.

“World’s 1st Action-Packed Fantasy Series, Where Gamers Metaverse Characters, Truly Come to Life!”

Who is the Brainchild Behind the Series?

Brian Finn, the brainchild behind “Geek Knights™ Gaming Series Movement”, is a film producer, stuntman, and stunt actor who performed stunts in:
o Star Trek: Insurrection
o The Toughest Man in the World (1984, with Jimmie F. Skaggs)
o Pink Nights (1985, with Tom Towles)
o G.I. Jane (1997, with Jack Gwalthney, Stephen Mendillo, and stunts by Leigh Hennessy and Darrin Prescott)
o and War of the Worlds (2005).
He also performed in television series such as:
o Who’s the Boss? (1985)
o 21 Jump Street (1990, with Leon Russom)
o Beverly Hills, 90210 (1994, with Ann Gillespie, Kerrie Keane, and Noley Thornton)
o and Surface.
Finn, an avid D&D Tabletop Player himself, thought it would be a good idea, never done in the tabletop gaming industry turning “Real Campaigns” with “Real Gamers” into “Real Action” live characters by rolling the dice.
He shared his idea with his gaming friends, and they all jumped on the idea, and this is how the Geek Knights™ “Series” was born.
We can’t do it alone without everyone’s support, so we are asking all gamers everywhere to please join the movement, pledge and encourage others join. Make history with us.

Why Join the Geek Knights Movement?

You will become a part of the World’s 1st Gaming Community where REAL CAMPAIGNS with REAL GAMERS come to life with REAL ACTION CHARACTERS just by rolling the dice. You’ll be able to watch our future “Gaming Series” selected from community gamers just like you, plus have access to our future full-length “Documentary Film of People of D&D” discovering live tabletop RPG gamer stores, around the country, and how gaming has changed their lives.
You’ll also be able to access our future “Mini Story Documentary Films” where you get to know campaign gamers and their Metaverse Characters selected for an upcoming episode and that’s not all, you’ll be able to access the future “Geek Knights Dating & Social App” to meet and mingle with other Geek Knight gamers around the world.

The "Geek Knights™" Series, Docs, and App Community?

Geek Knights™ is a magical medieval gaming community, managed and controlled under Geek Knights Studios LLC, owned and operated by Brian Finn, South Jordan Utah, an avid D&D gamer, film producer, actor, & stuntman for the past two decades.
“Come join the community and be apart of the world's first action-packed fantasy series, where gamers metaverse characters truely come to life!"
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